Like Investing In a Country,

The $3.5+ trillion spent annually on Health Care in the US is larger than the GDP’s of the United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, Brazil, and Canada. Only the GDP’s of the world’s largest four largest economies are larger than annual US Healthcare spending which is approaching ~20% of US GDP.

StHealth focuses on Pre-IPO healthcare companies and recognizes that global demand for Healthcare products and services, which are “must-haves”, continues to rise. Recent IPO’s in the Healthcare sector, including ShockWave Medical and Silk Road Medical, are evidence of the strong demand for investment in emerging Healthcare companies and the exciting opportunities to do so, These stocks have outperformed the market and are up 84% and 25% since their IPOs earlier this year. Our team has experience in structuring investments that allow us to often lock in further gains ahead of an IPO offering in addition to the post-IPO performance. 

StHealth is positioned to provide a unique opportunity to invest in a portfolio of compelling pre- IPO Healthcare companies potentially offsetting broader market volatility and risk. Also in StHealth Capital: A FDA designated breakthrough device. A new investment vehicle that enables private equity like access to new technologies without the lockups A team that has managed a superior return strategy in healthcare

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