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Investors should note that an investment in a BDC Fund and closed-end funds involve substantial risks including trading at a discount to net asset value (NAV) and the share price may move in a direction opposite to the direction of NAV. The net asset value can also move in the opposite direction of the stock market in general and in addition, the underlying securities held in a funds portfolio could suffer significant price depreciation during difficult economic conditions affected NAV and possibly exasperated due to lower and lowering credit qualities during such times.

Past investment results are no guarantee of future results. Not all fund portfolio investments have been or will be profitable. Investing in a Fund’s shares can also result in losses which may or may not be recovered, by investors with longer investment time horizons.

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We offer to Companies for compensation, the option of delivering their basic listing information to the email addresses of various financial newsletter subscribers including the and/or directly to custom email databases such as Investment Brokers, Investment Bankers, Investors filtered by prior investment size, prior category investment (such as technology) and geographically. We never share subscriber email addresses or subscriber information.

We do not perform due diligence on any Company listed on our website, without regard to whether we have been compensated or not. We do not perform due diligence on any website and/or platform which we link to.

We may on occasion conduct Interviews with the management and/or do corporate reviews of and products reviews from Companies who have their offerings listed on our site, for compensation. All reviews should be considered to constitute a conflict of interest and prone to be overly optimistic and/or overly complimentary (ie: ‘Top Managed BDC’s.’)

All Top Lists (such as Top Performing BDC’s, Highest Yielding, etc) are compiled from data (206 data points) accessed from CEF data and may or may not be accurate in all instances, depending on the third-party data feeds originating the data. Data glitches happen.

In any and all instances, when we are compensated, there will be an easily identifiable ‘breadcrumb’ stating ‘Client.’ Under no circumstances will any of our interviews, product, and corporate reviews discuss any of the terms and/or merits of any offering.

Regulation D offerings linked to from BSR are only suitable for accredited investors. All company listings on BSR are only appropriate for investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with funds which invest in startup investments. Some securities sold via the various platforms linked to are not publicly traded (non-traded BDC’s) and are not liquid investments. Companies seeking investments on platforms linked from BSR tend to be in very early stages of development with little or no operating history. Investors must be able to afford to hold their investment for an indefinite period of time, as well as the ability to lose their entire investment.

Investing in Funds which invest in startups and early-stage businesses involve RISKS including ILLIQUIDITY, LACK OF DIVIDENDS, LOSS OF INVESTMENT and DILUTION. If you choose to invest in businesses displayed on this portal, you need to be aware and accept that (1) you should invest money you can afford to lose, (2) the stock purchased may be restricted, that is such asset is highly illiquid, (3) even if the business is successful, you might not receive any cash return on your investment for years, (4) ordinary events in the life of the firm can cause your ownership percentage to decline, and (5) investments in early-stage companies, should be done only under a larger investment plan whereby the vast majority of the capital is placed in safer, more liquid assets. You typically will only be allowed to invest with most new BDC’s after you have registered and completed their varying educational requirements (which we highly recommend).


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